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@winzpc (2356)
August 4, 2008 12:37pm CST
I don't to understand this kind of thing. I have my a new discussion and sometimes I found there a sentence "mark best respond" beside the the rank number of the mylot member who respond my discussion. But in another discussion that I have started, I didn't find it. I have read the faq mylot, it say that we must not always mark best respod to mylot member who respond us. But if it give the positive way, we can give it but not must. So I search another discussion that was not started by me, i don't find the sentence. Am I must give the mark best respond to mylot member that there is the word "mark best respond" in the side of the rank number? the word "mark best respond" not in the respond body.
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• Lubbock, Texas
4 Aug 08
That really confused me too at first. Then I realized you will only see mark best response on the discussions you started. I usually wait a few days and after there have been no new comments for four or five days, I'll go back and find a best response. I want to make sure everyone who wants to respond gets a chance at best response.
• India
4 Aug 08
You can only mark the best response to the sicussions which are started by you and not by others. Marking the best response is not necessary, but if you take my opinion ou always should, because it encourages one to answer more question in the best manner he/she can. You should mark the best response to the response you think the mot satisfying to you. That's it!