Biological Pest Controls

August 4, 2008 1:14pm CST
Each year I learn more and more about what I can grow in my garden, not only to look pretty but also to benefit my kitchen. Obviously with increasing the number of plants in the garden each year I encourage various forms of life into the garden, but along with it pests that damage the plants. I loathe to use chemicals in the garden and have found a number of great ideas to share. I would love to hear from anyone else with any other tips! Garlic - Growing in and around other crops will reduce slugs. - Mulch in the belder with water to spray on plants to deter caterpillars, will also kill some varieties. This will also deter slugs from the leaves. Neem - Oil, 2 teaspoons mixed with water and a drop or two of natural soap into a water sprayer, kill and deter aphids. Do break the spraying cycle unless pollinating by hand as bees and butterflies do not like the smell. -Leaf granules sprinkled around the plant will act as a fertiliser and help to deter slugs. Chilli -Boil in water, filter and spray to control aphids, don't make the mixture too strong otherwise you may damage the leaves. Used tea leaves will deter slug and help fertilse Ants - Dig a trowl full from each nest and transfer to the other nest. The ants wipe each other out. make sure you cave in ant run otherwise new colonies will move in. Hope you guys find this useful!
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