Government control of the internet

@Vaper1 (53)
August 4, 2008 6:13pm CST
What are your views on the government(s) gaining control of the internet and doing activities such as cencoring, blocking, tracking and trying to take power over internet service providers
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@Wolfechu (1193)
• United States
4 Aug 08
Which government(s) exactly will be doing this? The US are certainly in no position to do so in any meaningful way, without a lot of protesting from civil rights groups, the EFF not being the least of them. They might /say/ they're planning to, they might even pass legislation to do so, but it'd be ineffectual, or at least ineffectual in blocking/censoring. The technology moves far quicker than than the legislative branches; in the 1980s they were still talking about 'telegraphy' in terms of laws regarding hackers. Where it WILL be successful is in how it will reassure John Q Public that those terrible hackers and criminals online will be kept under control; the average man in the street doesn't understand the problem to start with, so it's very easy to convince them your countermeasures are effective.
@o2bnocn (2895)
• United States
4 Aug 08
leave me alone. That is what I think about it.