New Haircut!!

@payout (3792)
United States
August 4, 2008 7:21pm CST
Today I got a Haircut, For the first time in 10 months my hair got really long lol. It was funny How I just came back from court then my sister said you need a haircut lol.. ^_^. Also my grandmother was going hard on me (making fun Of Me) lol, well My sister grab the keys and said lets go. I guess I needed a hair cut that bad lol.. Anyway, I got a new haircut and I like it a lot lol.. It's New yet different lol.. Well When was the LAst time you got a Haircut? And Did you Like it..?
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@dhangski (3194)
• Philippines
5 Aug 08
The last time that I had my haircut was March 2008, before my son's graduation. I really liked it to the point that I'd taken pictures of myself. LOL. Whenever I had a haircut I see to it that I was the one who chooses the style. In that way, I will be happy wearing it. Have a nice day. HUGZ! and Enjoy your new hair. LOL.
@metschica25 (5401)
• United States
5 Aug 08
Hi , Sounds you might be unsure if you like the new cut . I am sure it looks nice . You know that last time I got a hair cut is : drum roll please : 2 years . In the picture I have up now was a week after my new cut . Now my hair is down to my bum and out of control that i have to keep up all summer long I have been saying for weeks now I will get one , and I hope I do soon . Just little longer than shoulders and some layers.
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• United States
5 Aug 08
I've been trying to grow my hair long for about two years. I have to get regular trims though, because my ends split and get really dry. The last trim, I let her cut the sides to frame my face. That was about 3 months ago. I love it. It's time for a trim again though. Usually about every 3 months, but they only cut off 1/8 of an inch or so. Glad you like you new "do".
@CharRay7 (1549)
• United States
5 Aug 08
haircut - photo of woman getting haircut
Hi my friend, Got your hair cut eh??? hmmm, I kinda liked the long hair on ya.. like if it mattered what I liked! I get my hair trimmed about every three months, does that count? Awhile back I think the hairdresser thought I wanted my hair "cut" and ended up chopping about 4 inches off and I about belted her one.. I didn't like that at all!! I like to have trimmed off about an inch every 3 months. It grows so fast! So where't the new photo dude???? [i]Happy MyLotting, Char[/i]
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