August 5, 2008 5:47am CST
i just read here a topic named close to death, due to which i remembered an incident happened when we were on a trip outside n i wish to share it with u all here it was my school holidays n we had gone to mysore to meet my relatives n have a trip out there n me n my brother had gone with my aunts family. we decided to visit srirangapatna n there we had gone to ´´birds sactuary´´ n had a ride in a rowing boat, it was quit bigger n the lake was quit deeper n also u can find crodiles here my aunt was just having to much of fun in water by putting her hands in it n i was just gathering data about the sanctuary from the boatman. he was just telling us how deeper the lake is n u can find many crocodiles there but during the day as people visit here you cant see any crocodiles we were just speaking n unexpectedly we could notice a crocodile coming closer to the boat n my aunt is playing in water, i just screamed at my aunt to take her hand out of water n i was so scared. somehow by gods grace nothing happened n the crocodile just diappeared in the water after sometime this expirience scared me a lot n for many days i didnt go around for boating anywhere else
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5 Aug 08
Oh my! That must have been a very scary experience for you. It is lucky that you screamed at your aunt to remove her arm from the water or the crocodile would have got her. I was in Belize on a boat going down a river and the skipper tried to get one us on board to swim with a baby crocodile. I thought no thanks the mother crocodile might be near by. I saw a lake with crocodiles on it laying still like logs. Someone threw some meat in and they moved like a rocket. Crocodiles may look sleepy but they can move incredibly fast. I went to Australia and it has Salt Water crocodiles that can be huge and dangerous as well as Fresh Water crocodiles that are small and relatively harmless. I went to Kakadu National Park. In the wet season it isn't possible to see a waterfall and pool that people swim in. At the start of the dry season all crocodiles are removed. However the first group of tourists went there and began bathing. One of them noticed a crocodile and screamed. They all rushed out of the water very fast indeed. In New Zealand I was just about to go swimming in the sea when someone shouted "shark" and everyone ran out of the water. That sort of event is frightening.
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