Who motive or inspires you to meet your dreams or goals in life?

August 5, 2008 6:45am CST
My parents and my family inspires me to reach my dreams in life. Also my goals and dreams itself motivates me a lot to reach for them. Can you share your inspiration or what or who motivate you to reach your goals or dreams in your life.
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@poona_m (336)
• India
5 Aug 08
I am not a very ambitious person. But I am lucky that my husband thinks I can do a lot more than what I have already achieved. My husband and me were friends for more than 12 years before we decided to marry. And even when we were friends he would always make me realize how much more I can do and achieve. He would always inspire me to do something that I wouldn't even have thought in my dreams. He has a very optimistic look at everything and that has rubbed on to me too. He has been a big reason for me completing my post graduation. I did that while managing everything at home. I would rarely go to the classes in the college and would be home cooking and cleaning as thats something I've always liked more than studying. No after marriage I don't have any inclination at getting a job but I prefer to be home nd take care of things here. After a kid now I believe I wont be able to work and take care of home at all. But my hubby still tries to inspire me to do something that would keep me busy as well as make me self reliant. Lets see if he can inspire me into this one.
@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
5 Aug 08
Helloblandz! None had inspired me to reach my goal.I am a self built man.what I desired I achieved through hard labor and patience.to reach my goal it took me nearly fifty years.I have come up from zero to the present stage and for this I never depend on anybody or ran after loans from the banks.thanx.
@bamakelly (5193)
• United States
5 Aug 08
I would say that my son is a big inspiration to me in wanting to attain my goals and dreams. I think of him in my future plans and I want to be my best for him. I want to make him proud of me by just being a good mother and he makes it easy for me. Now don't get me wrong here, that little guy can be a handful sometimes but it is worth it.