When there is power outage...

August 5, 2008 9:13am CST
When I arrived at home this morning, there's no electricity. I asked my husband what time the electricity went off. And, he told it's around 5am. I arrived around 8am. It's already lunch time, there's no power yet. Came afternoon like 3pm, no power still. I was really having a hard time getting myself to sleep coz it's too hot. I think, it's already 5pm when the electricity went up again. It's like 12hours of power outage. We never called the electricity supplier (MERALCO) why there's an outage for 12hours coz we're aware of the situation. I mean, there's heavy rain accompanied by thunder and lightning last night that could be the cause of several power outage in our area. That's why, we did not inquire anymore. We just waited until the electricity was resumed. I once worked in a call center of of that particular electric supplier (MERALCO)as a Customer Service Representative. During rainy days and times of storms, we'd been receiving bulk of calls from different people inquiring why they don't have electric current. That time, I sometimes got irritated with some calls, inquiring why they don't have electricity. Are they not aware of what's happening outside their house when there's heavy rainfall accompanied with thunder and lightning and storms and they still need to ask what's going on? Why they don't have electricity? How about you? Do you still call the service center to inquire? Your thoughts...
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@myrandge (43)
• China
5 Aug 08
why you were angry when peopel call you for the reason for why the electricity went off. i think many people hope to konw the reason,and the power supplier should tell them. in the hot day ,no power is a painful thing, the foods will go bad ???
• Philippines
5 Aug 08
It's rainy season here in the Philippines. And, usually if the weather is bad, the electricity went off. My point here, why would still call the service center and get really mad to those CSR when in fact you know what's happening outside your house. There's this heavy rainfall, thunder, lightning, storms...of course, the electric power will be shut off for security reasons and sometimes the bad weather condition is the cause of the outage.
@ashar123 (2357)
• India
10 Sep 08
Twelve hours of power outage is alot as my country is going to electricity shortage at the moment because my country did not build dams and power stations at the right time. The power outage which every city is now facing is about twelve hours a day but not like as you mentioned, there is no electricity for one hour then comes for one hour and then no electricty for one hour. All day this routine is repeated and people are so much worried about the situation.
• United States
5 Aug 08
I would have to agree with you on this for it dosn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you have a major lightning storm your bound to lose power some where along the line. I don't call PSNH our electric company unless it's for a legitamit reason and the power goes out. If there is a storm no I won't call cause I know what and why it went out. It must have been a long 12 hours for you not to have power like you did. Good to know that they got it back on for you though.
@checapricorn (16049)
• United States
5 Aug 08
Hi marc, I am like that before when I have no internet connection! LOL! I will be impatient to wait and wait so I want to bother them that I need it back! I know it's not also easy in their part but I believed that when I will complain, I will be serve better! LOL! But, about power interruption, I will not be bothering, I will just spend time in the mall or when I am tired, will sleep with a manual fan with me![em]