secrete the pump!!!

United States
August 5, 2008 10:01am CST
i don't know about you and where you stay but the gas pumps where i live are getting smarter i go to pump gas, using my bank card, as a debit and it says denied, what!!!???! i have our account planned all out gas, bills, and food, that is all we use it for and our leftover cash goes else where for safe keeping, so i have plans for every penny in the bank, so my 30 dollar rashon for the weeke is there plus my husbands 45 dollar rashon, i know i immediately called the bank to verify, then tried my card again. oh! no! they didn't denied again. to much, no all of my dismay, i had to take all three of my kids into the store to find out what was going on, which if your a parent, you know will cause a whole new adventure with all the candy, chips, and whatever else is at the counter, i try to say smiling my card is not working and i just called the bank to verify i have funds, could you tell me what is going on? just as i suspected they didn't know either, just that it came back to them as denied. great, just great!! back to the car after holding my 6 month old in one arm and putting 10 packs of skittles, 2 packs of m&ms, and a pack of hot peanuts, back i was fit to be tired....but trying to get all my "to dos" done, i call back to the bank and was informed that he gas station verifies that here is at least $90.00 on your card if you press debit before you can pump it you don't have it in there then your denied, to avoid this i would have to press credit, because with credit it is only verified for either a gallon of gas or a penny. now the real secrete pump all you want up to $75, even if you don't have it....oops!!did i jus type that.......yep it will over draw your account but we are in days of rob peter to pay paul......and the bank will not charge you for this force pay, they have to wait till you deposit more money!!! so i told it...i don't feel bad...mad at the pump 4.25 a gallon, we are being robbed! should i have kept this new found secrete....told to me by the bank?...hehehe!!!!
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@Adoniah (7515)
• United States
5 Aug 08
You just reinforced by reasons for paying cash for all of my purchases. I understand the convenience of the cards, especially in your case with the difficulty of travelling with little ones, but I did that before there was the "convenience of cards". When I run out of cash, I run out of stuff to buy and I never have to call anyone or argue with illiterate machines or cashiers. Although there are a lot of cashiers who do not know how to make change even it they take off their shoes and count on their toes!!! Shalom~Adoniah