School Violence

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United States
August 5, 2008 12:46pm CST
I attended a seminar yesterday on Active Shooters and School Violence. I heard an interesting fact that both the Columbine shooters and the Virginia Tech shooter had warning signs before they comitted the murders. Pictures drawn, notes left, even discussing of the event through letters and notes. Others, including school officials did not pick up the warning signs. Also, most school shooters do not have an obvious target on themselves, a flashing red light stating that they are school shooters before they did it. They appeared to be fairly normal. My question is, throughout your school experience did you ever have a fellow student make a threat or show any obvious warning signs that they could be an active shooter? Among the groups of people there yesterday, many people went to school with someone who made a threat or had very obvious warning signs. Lets hear your stories.
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• Canada
5 Aug 08
When I was in high school there was always this one kid who was, more or less, a loner. I had known him since JK and he was always a little odd. Well one day, a friend of mine told me she heard something creapy from the odd boy's girlfriend. He had apparently told her that he hated this school and everyone in it and planned to blow it up. He even gave her an exact date so she could get out and wouldn't be injured. She was so stressed about it that she told my friend who in turn, told the principal. The date was May 25th and by this time word had gotten out to just about everyone. NO ONE went to school that day! Cops were all over the place and searched the school but found nothing. However, when they did search the boys house, they found 8 bombs under his bed that were ready to go, just add gunpowder. The boy got put into an institution for a while. Needless to say, it was a very scary event and nothing big even happened. I cant even imagine how the people that went to Columbine or Virginia tech must feel when something like that actaully happened. It's sad.