what did you think then?

@Galena (9120)
August 5, 2008 2:28pm CST
did you find the direction it took a bit silly? don't get me wrong, I loved reading it, but it didn't seem the right thing to happen, although she ended up with the right one, and the other one still managed to be happy. okay we should be past the bit you can see on the topics pages. I thought it was a bit daft, didn't enjoy Jacobs part of the book so much, and the baby sort of marred my image of Edward and Bella together forever as a perfect pair. I do think the story needed one of the main characters to die, and I was sure it would be Carlisle or Alice, but was hugely releived that it wasn't. but someone should have died. that's just a natural storytelling arc, that should have happened. and come on, who didn't laugh at the name. but there you go. loose ends all tied up. end of story until midnight sun (although technically that's back to the beginning of the story) all in all, I loved the series, and it was wonderful to meet Edward and Bella, and Alice and the others. good story. I'm sure I'll revisit them often.
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29 Dec 08
I would have to disagree with you on one of the main characters having to die, most books usually do have this happen and its so dissapointing. I'm very happy that stephanie meyers didn't do the norm in this case. I loved the series and i'm very happy that they started making the movies even if the first one didn't turn out the exact way it should have. I didn't feel the actors playing the role new the characters the way they should have.
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23 Mar 09
I kind of like how the movie turned out.I don't think I'd like it if they just ripped the book right out and put it to screen.
@olisaur (1931)
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26 Nov 09
I ha d afeeling Jacob, or at least some of the wolves and Volturi would die in Breaking Dawn. It was a little disappointing that no real "battle" happened, even though all these vampires and wolves were called up to face the Volturi. And I hated the fact that Bella and Edward had a baby- it totally ruined my "two of them forever" perception!