For all the gamers out there....

@NrgDfenZ (1810)
August 5, 2008 3:29pm CST
Hi all Do you have an online gaming nickname that is specific to you ?? Would you like to share it with us and maybe tell us how you got it ? I will tell you mine: .Nrg#DfenZ.Be Now the explenation :D Nrg basically means I play with lots of energy, always fast kills with me.. DfenZ is because I always had a defending position in my clan, I was the backup,the one who had to cover the rest of the team, and Be means I am from belgium.. The . and # in my nick is just for decoration :D So how about you ??? thx
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• United States
4 Oct 08
My gamer name is always fireblade518 and it's always gonna be. I first used that name in the game Runescape. I chose that name because you know, you use a sword and fire would be cool. Ever since I use that name for alot of mmorpg games and other things.
@soulist (2985)
• United States
5 Aug 08
My gaming name changes depending on the game I play and how I feel. Lately it has been Jezebella. That's the name I use in WoW before I stopped playing. I like it and it has Biblical connotations to it. I also use Felrona which is just came up with. I like character names that are names.