Pet Peeves About Computers

Anderson, Indiana
August 5, 2008 7:13pm CST
Share a personal pet peeve--or two or three--about computers. I'll go first... That blasted blue screen! You know the one where the screen is blue with creamy lettering telling you about some kind of problem and that it's starting to dump memory. Of course, you have to go through restarting your computer. This is especially disgusting if you're playing an online game for possible points and/or cash, and it happens when it looks as if you're about to win something. Also, if you're writing something and haven't saved it. When I use my Firefox connection, it has means of saving some of what I've written in some cases, but it can't save all of it. Okay! It's your turn now, so vent away... [i]One more thing: This is the second in a series of ten of discussions I have started/will be starting since celebrating my 1001st post here. If you'd like to take part of that celebration, go here...[/i]
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@know21 (1251)
• United States
6 Aug 08
I would have to say when I'm on a site; and a message pops up and say internet explorer has a problem and must close; or something like that.
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• Anderson, Indiana
6 Aug 08
Yep! That happens to me, too--and, nine times out of ten, I'm writing something important and haven't saved it or else am in the middle of some activity such as joining a new site, playing online games, etc. where it's Murphy's Law to the nth to have something like this to happen!
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