Cash-mama, Cash-xp, Cash-hi, Cash-Mails, ? What's going on..?

@payout (3791)
United States
August 6, 2008 1:52am CST
I have notice it has been awhile since these sites pay there users..? They use to pay and I have many payouts from these sites and now it's just like they completely shutdown. Were able to click ads and read mail. But when we cash-out we wait for the longest time. I have been waiting for nearly a Month now. I have contact the site owner or whatever I never got an answer. Are there other users who are going through similar problems? Really what going on? this has never happen before and it would really suck if the site just stop hosting without it's users knowing. The Last time the site gave payout was the 12th of july now.. it has been nearly a month. The site pays every week , weekly and I never got my money for 3 weeks going on 4, Someone please help .. :(
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