how to scam people in runescape

August 6, 2008 2:59am CST
oho oho oho do u know how to scam people in rune scape?That's easy!U go to trade in Channel 1 of the rune scape,And say ''Selling Rune Hammer,Rune Pick Axe,Rune Helmet,Rune Sword,Rune Shield,Gold Leg,Gold Helmet,Gold Hand,Gold Sword And blah blah blah...When People Trade with you,Press Accept trade then put all rune item and gold there..Then say:eh,Wait(cancel the trade first)i give u the sword again(in notes)U give them steel sword but not rune sword! if u successes,Tell the trader nothing..(dun tell him u scam him)If he know u scammed him,Run away with full speed all quit rune scape for a short time or change world.If he still chasing u,log off,use after 15 minutes and go to other town...Now,Good Luck to you from Scamming Business..This What i Know..Dun Ban me!!!!!!
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