if you see discount after you buy something what will u do?

August 6, 2008 4:46am CST
suppose if you bought something yesterday and see thet it has 20% discount today....what will you do?...do you think it is fair to ask the store to give you the discount? just a little incident happend with my dads friend ...he went to a shop to buy a pot it was say $13 he didn't think it was worth so he didn't take it...next day he saw an ad for discount from the same shop...he went again to check for it and to get it with a discount...it was something shocking...the price for that pot was $13 after discount... if he had not been there before he would have buyed it saying its good for the price as its a discount...but because he had been there a day before he knew the actual prize... he came back and told my dad about it...and i just shared it with you all...the story of discount.
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@IInsanity (290)
• Malaysia
7 Aug 08
i will feel very annoyed. but in ur case i will feel very glad =D if not i've got conned by the salesperson.
@lchiat (1070)
• Malaysia
6 Aug 08
Hi. I will feel regret, sad and dissappointing!!!!! But if i need it i will buy more!!! Lol. Good chance for me!!! But if i just need one then surely i will very very regret!!! But i will tell my friends and ask them buy it and dont miss the chance. Lolx. Happy myloting!!!