How Will You Handle An Overly Jealous Partner?

United States
August 6, 2008 5:04am CST
few weeks ago, one of my best friends kept buzzing me early in the morning because she was having a problem with her boyfriend who happened to be working in London for 7 years. they had been in a relationship for a year or two but the fact that they live separately from each other made the relationship sometimes weaken in jealousy. one time, my best friend was online chatting to her sister who lives in Australia when accidentally this fiance of her logged on and found out that she was online. the argument begun, her boyfriend started accusing her of chatting with another man up to the point that my best friend got totally affected and did not eat and couldn't sleep for a couple of days. OMG, how can one ever deal with that? if you were in her shoe, how will you handle an overly jealous partner?
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@sid556 (30987)
• United States
22 Nov 08
I have dealt with men like that and in the end...the relationship ends. I can only deal with it in small doses. I am a very faithful person to whomever I am with. The mistrust is insulting and a real turn-off. I usually end the relationship if it is making me that stressed. it isn't worth it.
@subha12 (18449)
• India
7 Aug 08
it is very tough to live with a jealous partner. it can lead to many problems in future. till a certain point its ok, after that it takes its toll.
@intimate36 (1416)
• Pakistan
7 Aug 08
Fortunately , I never had this problem with my partner...we used to live at far away places before marriage, and we spent six years . I think TRUST is the base in good relationship...some call it over jealous.. some over possessive.., but in my opinion the reason is lack of self confidence.... people who do not have self confidence have this problem...
@juliefaye (1214)
• Philippines
6 Aug 08
All i can say is that her boyfriend is so immature. How can you accuse someone you love like that, isn't it the other way around? Sometimes men do this to cover up something. Love is trust and if one doesn't have that in a relationship, it will stumble and will end up in no time. I pity your friend that she can take this heartache all along and why did she allow somebody to hurt her? If I were in her shoe, I would talk to my boyfriend once and for all that if he cannot trust me, it's better to separate our ways just to buy peace of mind. If he can do it to me now, what more heartache I could battle when we got married? Tell her not to allow someone to ruin his life. Each of us has the right to be happy and respected.