United States
August 6, 2008 5:40am CST
I think oing to church every sunday and living a christian life is so wonderful. God has done alot of things for me and he has healed me from sicknesses and he is so wonderful.I enjy singing in church also i have several accompany tapes that i sing to and whenever i get a chance to sing i feel so blessed. God has blessed me so much in my life,he gave me a wonderful husband, and 4 beautiful children and 15 grandchildren, he has blessed me financially, and phyiscally he is everything i need and want. he is my savior and friend and I will always serve him. I think everyone should try Jesu, once you try him you will understand that he will never fail you . Men will fail you but jesus never fails. i love him with all my heart sould and mind. he's the reason for living.
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@samson1967 (7417)
• India
6 Aug 08
I think you are blessed by our lord jesus christ, May I request you to pray for me too ...
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@jillbeth (2710)
• United States
6 Aug 08
I agree that a relationship with our Lord and Savior is vital, but I don't think we get that from showing up at church every time the doors are open. I'm not putting down church at all, please understand, and we should have fellowship with other Christians so we have spiritual growth, but that doesn't always happen within the walls of a church building. I do enjoy going to church, although I haven't gone regularly for quite a while. But I do try to live my life every day in a way that would please Jesus. I think there will be many self-professed "Christians" who will end up in a fiery place and wonder how they got there, and there will be many souls in heaven who never stepped foot inside an established church. PS: right now I'm listening to "Lead Me To Calvary." Beautiful song!
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@mhaibless (210)
• United States
19 Mar 10
I agree. It matter not how dark the way, how thick the clouds from day to day, God will direct in all we do. If we take time to pray it through. Life's best outlook is a prayerful outlook.
@Pose123 (21660)
• Canada
11 Aug 08
Hi vickiandrick, I am very pleased that you have found such happiness, it evades many people. Please remember though that there is no one right way for everyone. You have found your way, others have found the same happiness and satisfaction in other ways. May you always know happiness. Blessings.
@urbandekay (18306)
8 Aug 08
From what illness did you suffer? all the best urban