August 6, 2008 10:34am CST
Driving on bike in mountains best exprience of every ones life.I travel whole HIMALYAN and LADAK on was awsome expreience of my life...many time i fell from bike...i injured....but i really enjoyed..when i came from my tour and i said to every real things so now my family saying me next time they are not allowing to me go over there....but i want to go......i am knowing that,mountains are really dengerous on bike driving, many rodies had faced dengerous exprience.....but we bikers have each n every types of medicine,we are knowing bikes mechanism,riding basic tips on mountains,and many other things....we start our journey with total seftey....i love riding bikes on many of my friends also saying me that i should not go over there... what i should have do?what's your beautiful opinion? If yes so whats your beautiful advice?
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