ETWAC changing formats?

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August 6, 2008 11:35am CST
OK, before anyone else post on the ETWAC site I will write here to clarify things going on at ETWAC. As the owner I have the best insight. :) Yes there is a change in the format from a PTC to an Ad Cash format. That means the PTC part of the site you get paid in advertising cash as opposed to Alertpay cash. Why have we done this? Easy. We paid out more than we brought in. So as to not go in debt we decided to change the format. BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS!!! 1) We still have REAL CASH opportunities on the site. I.e. Paid to sign up and Double Your Money. 2) Ad Cash per click has increased. .02 per click and per referral click. Even higher if you are premium. 3) Premium membership is now $10.00 4) For the next 7 days any member of ETWAC can place an ad for free. (See site for details) What I really want ot point out is that I have made myself available here and on the sight. I have paid ALL payment requests that were made so I will not be known for "scamming" anyone. I have maintained both my integrety and the integrity of the site. Beyond that I am not sure what all to do. We are working on other plans for the site to make it more of a cash site again and we are always looking for ideas to do so. What are your thoughts on all of these changes. Please be polite, if you are upset then express it in a grownup mature fashion. Thanks Pastor G
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