what kind of dog do you prefer?

August 6, 2008 12:04pm CST
i have 2 dogs, a labrador retriever and he's great although the he doesnt really do anything besides sleep eat pee and u know. i dont know about your dog but mines kinda lazy, is it because hes just alone? or am i not playing with him more? or whatelse?
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@pearl1003 (670)
• Philippines
6 Aug 08
i think u have to play with your dog to make them active... My Siberian husky is a sweet dog and loves to be cuddled all the time. She listens to me and follows me so that's why i prefer huskies. BUT having a big dog doesn't fit my lifestyle. That's why my family wants to put her up on adoption. I'm 100% against it coz I love my dog so much but she's super active! She wants to run all the time and she's super busy with her life. Our house is totally wrecked when she's awake. She loves to play all the time, she barely sleeps. Our house is not big enough for her. And I think she needs a huge lawn to use as her playground.... But if I were to choose, i would keep my husky with me as long as she is alive. She's like a person with the same human heart... I'm about to work abroad, probably next month, and my family told me, that's when they are going to find my dog a new home. That's gonna be so sad... huhuhuhu....
• Philippines
7 Aug 08
wowser i forgot to add my other dog my shih tzu, although shes the opposite of the labrador, shes super active, i think my lab just got used to being lazy and sleeping the whole day hehe, thats gonna be sad, but it may be best for her, i hope she finds a loving/caring home hehe
@shonali (1286)
• India
21 Nov 08
all my dogs are labs and none of them are lazy...gosh i actually have to force them to sleep...well eat they do....eagerly.... but fortunatley none of my dogs have put on weight like other labs normally do as their activity level is very high unlike other lazy labs