single + sad???

August 6, 2008 12:21pm CST
does it generally apply to everyone that being single makes them (us) sad and lonely and longing for someone??? after a series of boyfriends, i'm currently single. how do people usually deal with it, to really make them move on with their lives?
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@applefreak (3131)
• Singapore
13 Aug 08
well being single is just that, being single. it has nothing to do with emotions and state of mind. a person can be single and yet living life to the fullest. this is just how a person handles life. having a partner is good only when you enjoy his/her company. i don't see why singles would be any sadder than those with partners. i have a partner simply because i enjoy his company. i didn't stay in the relationship to be not single. i have a lot of single friends and they are enjoying life. some doesn't even want to get a partner as they feel singlehood suits them so much better. it's all in the mind, to be sad or happy, lonely or fulfilled. cheers ;p
@Leylalou (36)
12 Aug 08
I love being single -why do people associate it with being sad and lonely?! Single life is great, you have your freedom, you make your own choices, set your own goals, you don't have to compromise on your dreams ... make friends, get hobbies, join social groups, get out there and live! Singledom is not to be 'dealt' with its to be celebrated as a great time in your life.
@adoremay (2065)
• Philippines
9 Aug 08
happiness is a conditioning. We need not to search happiness, it is given to us like air it is definitely for everybody. I can be happy when ever I want to. being single will not take away the happiness I deserve, I am happy and I should be. To live life to the fullest.
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
6 Aug 08
im a single and until now never have some relationship, i have a lot of friends (i mean on girls, not boys, in this case) but none i never asked for relationship or something like that, maybe im just too shy or what
@agamer (45)
• United States
6 Aug 08
really, i think people should be happy when they are single, you can spend more time with family and friends then devoting all your time to your boyfriend, maybe thats why your feeling lonely because you arn't in touch with your old friends or family, just a lil advice i guess, im sad for a little bit after breaking up with someone, but not to like the point where i want them back because usually its for the best, u ask how we can move on, well really i just drop it and move on, i know it sounds harsh, but its life.