Will the Olympic Games be held successfully in China?

August 6, 2008 9:11pm CST
Hey,friends.I am a Chinese boy.It's a very hard time for all Chinese people this year.You know,there have been a great deal of anti-Sino powers outside China who aren't in favor of the Olympics held in China.I'm so sorry to hear that.We hope our country can gain more support from all over the world for holding the Olympic Games.I respect everyone's political perspective,but more people are innocent.I hope you can be more humane.Thanks.
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@polgeram (83)
• United States
8 Aug 08
Geoffrey, I think it's wonderful that your country is hosting the Olympics. That's no small accomplishment for an emerging country. Yes, I've heard the air quality is questionable, but I think it's shameful and downright disrespectful for US athletes to wear masks. What makes them so special? No other countries' athletes are doing that? Could it be that US athletes feel entitled to be at the Olympics while other countries' athletes view it as an honor? The US has air quality problems too. I wonder how the air's been in Los Angeles lately? And while many people point fingers at all the "wrongs" of China, they fail to see all the positive strides that have been taken. Change doesn't happen overnight. Furthermore, the US has plenty of issues that other countries could hold against us. Except those other countries fear our wrath so they stay quite. As one German politician once said (and I paraphrase here)...We (Germany) don't blindly remain friends with the United States; we do what is in our people's best interest economically and in view of national security. My best to your country...I hope all goes well!
7 Aug 08
olympic great!China great! I once was a 13th olympic collection fair volunteer.I was pround of that. Olympic needs every country's effort and support,the people who disturb the Olympic means they also disturb the the peace in the world. Yes,China still has a lot of problems though it's become richer and richer. but we see how we strive for solving the problems. The world will see how peaceful and wonderful China will be!
@youless (100243)
• Guangzhou, China
7 Aug 08
I am a Chinese. You are right that this year there are some problems happened in our country. Such as the snow and earthquake disasters. However, more and more Chinese still support the Olympics. No matter how hard it is, we can try to overcome it. I think the Olympics in Beijing will be held successfully. I love China