Quick theres a spider on your wall!

United States
August 7, 2008 1:34am CST
Theres a spider on the wall what do you do. what goes through your mind?
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• India
12 Dec 08
if i see a spider on the wall..spiderman comes into mind how he became a spiderman fron ordinary man and how he helps the people from evils and sometimes i want t o became a spiderman biting by them and i dont know much about spiders whether they are poionous or not but i am scared about large spiders
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@mykmari_08 (2464)
• Philippines
4 Sep 08
I could say that I'm not afraid of spiders because the ones which I often see are smaller than the thumb of my hand. And I've never been bitten by one, big or small. But if I ever see a big and poisonous spider, I will definitely have second thoughts on touching or disturbing it; more so if it would jump and crawl on me. But I remember seeing spiders as big as my hand several times. I admit that I do feel scared thinking that they might bite me or just crawl over me. I don't have the courage to kill these big ones. Locally, the folks here catch spiders and engage them in fights particularly in the provinces. They are placed on a broomstick and the first spider to fall on the ground loses. Usually, there are bets involved in this game and most of the participants are the guys. I guess this is one way to let the time pass by. After each game, they are placed inside matchboxes which serve as their temporary homes. As a wife, I do encounter spiders often while I'm cleaning the house. Whenever I can, I catch them, and clean their webs away with them. It's not a great sight to see black and dirty webs all over the house.
@shooie (4985)
• United States
19 Aug 08
First thing that goes through my mind is where the heck is the fly swatter or a shoe when ya need it. Sometimes I grab a piece of paper and smash it unless it is a big on then I roll up a magazine and kill. Now if it is that ugly type that I have never seen until I moved to SC looks like half grasshopper and half spider. OMG I just wanna holler for my husband kill it kill it. Grand daddy long leggs I'll pick up and set outside for some reason they don't scare me.
@lyzabelle (1668)
• Philippines
7 Aug 08
Kill it. I hate spider and other crawling insects. But don't get me wrong I love spiderman very much. I know I'm being too cruel but I'm afraid.
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