The Dark Side of the Dark Knight - i can relate, can you?

August 7, 2008 4:30am CST
I watched the Dark Knight, and i have to tell you, that it was an experience. It wasn't quite what I had expected, nor did it really live up to the expectations that I had. But I did relate. You know how you watch a movie, and one of the characters, whether the villain or the hero, or just another shmoo in the movie, or just another supporting cast member says something, or does something that hits you right there in the heart. For me it was the moment that joker and batman were in the cell, and batman was beating joker up to a pulp, but no matter how angry he got, he just couldn't take to further. it was for me the realization that fear, anger, pain has a limit in me. I feel that rage sometimes, the overwhelming burst of emotions, that causes your hands to tremble, but how come I can never release it. How come it always has to be controlled. How come there is always that front that I have to show to the world, that I am in control even if at times, i feel that i have no control what so ever... for me that one moment in that whole movie, made it for me. It was where i found myself in that movie. Am I the only one, or have you related to them aswell...
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@toogle (344)
• India
7 Aug 08
well i think everyone have these kinds of moment in life where they don't want to stop them self from letting out there emotions like anger, pain and frustration but still they control there emotions. just to show others that they are in control.