Can you live without a networking site?

August 7, 2008 4:44am CST
I had a facebook, friendster and multiply account. But a spammer got into my mail and started spamming all my friends, he even changed my passwords (NOTE: never have the same loggin and password for all your accounts, once they get one, they get all the rest!) I use to spend every spare minute checking my networks, whos online, whos not. Whats new, whats hot. What are the new games, what are the new topics. And I could have spent hours upon hours on these sites, just browsing, chatting and "networking". But now i had all my accounts deleted. All gone, not one left. At first i felt kindda naked, not having any networking sites, not knowing where i would find my friends again, or any of the other networks that I had spent years developing. From relatives, to classmates from elementary, to high school, college and my officemates from the previous offices. 1000's of contacts gone in one day. 100's of hours worth of "work" networking gone in one day.... I felt alone, i felt secluded, i felt "out" of the circle but after about 3 weeks of not having it, it doesn't feel so bad... i guess.... could you live without your networks?
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• Canada
18 Aug 08
I could NEVER live without a networking site. I always talk to my friends everyday and there isn't a day where i haven't spoken to any of them. So to put it in other words, I'm a very talkative person, so I would die without social networking sites. It's like a step back to the dark ages :O
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
8 Aug 08
for the it happen that i have been left out for about two months without internet ... and then when i get back i forget all my passwords for anything i use for, so i need to start it all over, but now i keeping a note of everything i do ... and like you say it, new password for every account
@egdcltd (9753)
7 Aug 08
I rarely use social networking sites at all. I just never seem to have got the hang of them. myLot is the closest to a social networking site that I'm actually active on. I'm not even sure if I've logged into my MySpace or Facebook accounts this year.