Would you work for spammers?

@the_ruler (1446)
August 7, 2008 5:06am CST
When I was searching for some opportunities to make more money on the internet, I just found every kind of websites there and one of them was really had unique opportunuties to make money. I didn't sign up for work for them but just wanted to share the opporutunites mentioned there, in fact most especially, "get paid to submit email adresses" If you just think of the number of get paid to site members, you can imagine what a huge marketting would be behind spamming. What do you think of these situation? Would you provide email adresses to that kind of sites even if they are "legit(!)" and paying?
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@davido (1623)
• Canada
7 Aug 08
Infact I dont think it is wise to work for those because of the nuisance they constite to ones email by sending a lot junk messages. Although a lot of us need money but not to the level of spamming or "murdering" others.
@the_ruler (1446)
• Turkey
7 Aug 08
yes, this is true. and if the sites are looking for that kind of members then it is another question to ask if they wouldn't use their members' email adresses for spamming,surely they would! What a disgusting way to make money while being helpful to people who are just after finding victims for themselves
@darksorrow (4667)
• Bangladesh
7 Aug 08
I would like to do that if their offer is good. In fact i did try. What i did was i posted a discussion & collected some friends. My intention was to spam their email & in return they will spam mine. This way we could make some money. But after joining i found out that site was not so good. I don't know if you are talking about the same site. But i would like to know about the site. So can you send me the address of that site. If you want then we can spam each others email.