Good and healthy Discussions are seldom responded ?

August 7, 2008 10:58am CST
I have come across many mylotters who seniors and experienced in the mylot have more than thousand postings. I feel that the Discussions having reasionings and realistic approach are left unresponded and the casual discussions has ur cat returned is yr doggy is angry with u or so on are responded in numbers and even these discussions and response are of one or two lines having no material or reasoning. Are there and parameters to adjudge the the discussions or these are adjudged top discussion on the basis of responses these get. How the mylot rate the discussion on the basis of material in it or on responses. My lotters are paid on the basis of responses or on the quality of discussions on particular subject. I think if not my lot may consider and declare that the qualitative discussions would be rewarded more. By this more healthy and reasoned discussion would pore in amd good and inteligent discussions would increase from which new comers and even old would be able to get more and more ideas and richness in their discussions. How do u feel mylotters please share.
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7 Aug 08
I am very new to mylot. I have responded to a few serious topics and I agree that some of the responses have only been one liners. It must be frustrating for the person who has started the discussion. It does not seem fair on these people. It is also not fair on the other responders who try to give a good answer. Are they earning the same as the one liners?