where should the new baby go?

United States
August 7, 2008 10:08pm CST
I have a new baby on the way and am worried about where to put her. i wanted to make the extra room her own little nursery but after hearing everyone talk about SIDS i dont think i will let her out of my sight until she's about 2 years old. i want her to sleep in my room and play under my supervision. Am i being to paranoid and should i make her nursery or should i just have her sleep in a bassinet in my room?
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@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
8 Aug 08
Well, there are certain things that they think make SIDs more likely. First off, if you are a smoker. Second, when she sleeps no blankets or pillows or stuffed animals with her. If you worry about her being cold, just dress her warm. Until she can roll over on her own, put her to sleep on her back. What I did with my kids is they slept in my room in a bassinet until they were around 3 months old. Once they were sleeping mostly through the night then I moved them into a crib in their own room. Do what you feel most comfortable with. The risk of sids goes way down after 4 months old too. Enjoy that new baby!
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@Essie119 (673)
• Canada
8 Aug 08
Ravinsky pretty much gave you all the information that I was going to tell you. You will drive yourself crazy if you don't let her out of your sight for 2 years. Take all the precautions that you can, and love the little girl. I kept my babies in a bassinette next to my bed for three months and then put them in their own rooms. This was mostly for my benefit as it was easier when they needed to eat in the middle of the night. Both you and the baby will sleep better when they are in their own room as there are fewer disruptive noises.
@fwangaa (3058)
• China
8 Aug 08
do you want to do .that is the best choice that you want to take her to someplace.and you will be happy that your bady according to your arrangement.and your bady will be fine too.happy a good day with your baby.