Question on Urban Life

August 7, 2008 10:11pm CST
Hello, so I have a question geared towards the urbanites, hipsters, city dwellers, whatever...I am not trying to be mean, just understand. I have grown up and live in a suburban area, but I work in a downtown city area. I belong to a gym a few blocks away from the office, so I walk daily through some city neighborhoods. My question is if someone can explain the appeal of living in a urban area? This question haunts me on a daily basis as I walk around. I know it is not income related, as I have seen some apartments that cost more than my mortgage. Yet, I see grafitti on some exclusive apartments, no driveway or garage to park in, and locations are like row houses right next to the building next to it. The square footage is obviously much smaller than a suburban home. Not to mention the vagrancy and odors I smell as I walk past some places. If your neighbors have a fire, or have pests, it is soon your problem too. There is a lot of traffic noise and loud people coming and going from the bars. There is also a criminal element on the streets sometimes. I feel bad for the young children I see, as many have no yards to play in, yet their parents walk around as though they have arrived at their destnation. The grafitti and old warehouses are eyesores, yet a lot of people appear eager to have a loft apartment there. It is like everyone wants to live like they are a real life cast member of Rent. Yes there are a lot of resturaunts, boutiques and coffee shops around, but we have all of those in the suburbs too. I can understand being near what you enjoy in life, I enjoy going to our local shopping mall, but I don't want to live on top of the loading docks behind it. I just don't see the beauty in it. The old buildings that are blocking out the sun and the concrete jungle do not hold a candle to a quiet sandy beach, mountains, or a majestic forest. It is like putting a dress on a pig, it's still a pig. Some of the old buildings would serve the world better if they were torn down and trees and grass were planted in their place, not converted to some apartment. Can someone explain the appeal to me for my understanding?
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