du you know swimming

August 8, 2008 3:38am CST
i am ashamned to say i dont know swimming, we lived in a region nearer to the mountians, so chances of being near the sea or a river was less and as years passed i just gae up the idea of learning swimmng also, i think it is a big defeeciency on my part not to have learned swimming
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@sminut13 (1786)
• Singapore
20 Aug 08
i too am not a good swimmer. i did learn when i was young but it was not a continuous training and i was never good at it. i am especially afraid to swim in the middle of the deep pool for fear that i may get tired and drown. sigh i do know some swimming but i definitely can't survive for long if the situation calls for it. it is really important that's why, i'm detemined that my children learn it.
@abhaijith (2962)
• India
8 Aug 08
Am living in a rural area and there is a big pond just in front of my house.Even though I don't know to swim.But, i like to watch swimming,there are many expert swimmers here,Back stroke,Butterfly stroke,etc etc. Thanks
@bombshell (11265)
• Germany
8 Aug 08
i dont know how but i am learning on it.
• India
8 Aug 08
Swimming is a very good exercise for the body and it keeps you fit. I also would like to learn swimming but now feel whether it is possible in my age. I should have learnt it while I am 10 or 12 years old. Anyway while I have love and passion for swimming, I dont feel let down because all people need not have all skills. Good luck for you to learn to swim. Nothing is impossible.
@hopejordan (3566)
• Australia
8 Aug 08
Hi knightrider i can swim but i have not done it in a long time i had kids and i am ashamed of myself which i shouldn't but my son has a bit of trouble swimming he needs more practice with swimming take care happy postings .
@IInsanity (290)
• Malaysia
8 Aug 08
i don't really know how to swim eventhough i took lessons before. it's really frustrating coz my dad paid for my swimming lessons and i forgot how to swim.
@James72 (26829)
• Australia
8 Aug 08
To be honest, as an Australian, when I first came across people that didn't know how to swim I was horrified! At the time it just didn't occur to me that not everybody had the same access to the ocean, lakes or rivers that most Australians do! But now I am living and dealing with many people from many different cultures and countries and have been doing so for the last few years; and have found this to be quite common. I was in Sri Lanka a year or so ago with a work colleague who for the first time in his life was setting foot on a beach! I found this amazing also and was very happy to be sharing this experience with him! If you do get the chance to learn to swim I suggest you take it because personally I love it. And you never know when you may actually need this skill!
@Kanutchie (343)
• Philippines
8 Aug 08
mee too dont know how to swim. Because my parent didnt let us to learn to swim they dont like because they are busy and nobody will teach us. But i loved to learn that time. since all of us dont know how to swim , when we get old, We bring our younger sister to a school for swimming lesson. and now shes the only one in the family who can swim with different type of stroke. We are very happy seeing her swim back to back to a swimming pool,we are Happy while we are only starring at her
@psphacker (1054)
• United States
8 Aug 08
honestly i do not know how to swim.