Enjoy the Life full of Joys till end

August 8, 2008 5:42am CST
I am an happy lot living and enjoying in a very affectionate manner. I am middle aged and already enjoyed the first half of the life with ups and downs. During living I have come across various challenges and adversities. Having a strong will power I have over come the adversities and time and again converted the worst into goodness. This all because of grace of almight and coperations of the relations and friends who advanced help where ever warranted. My views about the balance half of life I want to live to the end. As usual the second half of every body's life or say last quarter of the life usually is full of problems and old age adversties. Any way my aspirations are I want to live the end but not alone. I would pray the almight to give as much life to my life partner too. I want to go from the life in her hands. What is yr openion about full life.
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