pentium 2

United States
November 4, 2006 4:49pm CST
has not been powered up for years and now I can not even get CMOS to come up
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@Asylum (47987)
• Manchester, England
4 Nov 06
There is not enough information here to make a realistic assessment, so I can only suggest the obvious. Ensure that the power supply unit is operating properly. Check that the graphics card or chip is functioning and the output is fine. Try booting from a floppy or CD. If everything appears fine then I would imagine that the motherboard is causing the problem.
• United States
4 Nov 06
Thanks, I wasn't going into details to start. I do have a good power supply power is good being supplied to the CD and CD/RW, Key Board lites all the way across, Fan for Pentium2 plugs into mother board and is running.None of the PCI/IDE slot are being recognized. Video card good but monitor waits for signal that never comes. I have gone back to basic and just tried booting with video card and Pentium2 in place. Just to see if I could get to CMOS. Plugging in new drive and CD/RWs and Floppy makes no difference. The machine was given to me about 3 years ago and I try to boot it up with a new HD and make it a Linux SNF machine. I have no specs on the board other then it says PC100 BX PRO on the chipset.And it's built by American Megatrends, hae downloaded the 33 page introduction setup and layout information (spec). But not much help in this situation. All jumpers are in place according to the basic setup information. Thanking you in advance, Plainranger