sir alex should apologize.

@klamor20 (242)
August 8, 2008 9:53am CST
They came to nigeria spent less than 8hrs, made over a million pounds and return to South Africa spend one week. and return to London Rooney came down with a viral infection, Ferguson blamed it on nigeria. he refused to acknowlegde the fact that South Africa is in Africa.They all blame every bad thing on nigeria. Man-united has the greatest follower in Africa Based in Nigeria despite the fact that no NIgerian is playing in the club. i don't want to believe what people have been saying about Sir Alex being a racist, all i want from Him is to retract the statement he made about Nigeria.He is not being truthful and it is a shame, a real shame.
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@nickventere (1424)
• Zambia
2 Sep 08
Well, I can't recall what was quoted from Sir Alex aout Nigeria. However, one thing for sure, there is a vast difference between nigeria and South Africa. It may sound funny, but most South Aficans will ask you how Africa is doing when you visit their country. The point is: there is a very bg difference between South Africa and the rest of Africa: the governance, the economy, social life, etc. Nigeria is quite polluted, a lot of thuggery, too may wanna-be's and hypocrites, capital of corruption (it stinks to high heaven, I'm sure) and lots more.
@klamor20 (242)
• Canada
2 Sep 08
Have you been their? i mean have you been to Nigeria. despite all you have said about Nigeria, i believe you may be one of those greedy internet users that has fallen inti the hands of the scammers in Nigeria. You have no right to say rubish about Nigeria. You should know that all countries do have them. I was talking about malaria. You are talking trash. I wonder what could be wrong with you. No part of Africa is immune against Malaria. So how can he come to a conclusion about where rooney got his virus from. YOu must really hate Nigeria. You opinion matters to you alone. You have freedom of speech. I will really like to know where you are from so that i can lecture you about the evil that exists in your country too.