the most pIssed off cat EVER

August 8, 2008 11:21am CST that clip sends quivers down my spine and i certainly wouldn't want to meet that while out.. poor thing though now for the story. apparently its owners were going out for the day, now the cat loved sleeping on the top of the garage door when it was open.. so the family drive out of driveway and as do, he uses the remote control to close the garage door.. Some hours later the neighbours notice the cat half out of the garage door.. The owners didn't think that their loving cat was asleep on the garage door.. half its body was inside and half its body outside of the door... It was rushed to the vets and fortunately it was fine.. But you think its p1ssed off due to what happening to it or due to his name.. if you watch, you will know what i mean
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@the_ruler (1446)
• Turkey
8 Aug 08
I've never seen anything like that before! That's really scarry! I really needed to lower the volume of my sound while watching that because it already made me feel nervous. From now on, I will look at my cat with a different eye and would never like to cause him to be something like that! This is just like a nightmare! I am not sure if there is phsychological support available for cats or any other pets but since it is already too expensive for myself I wouldn't pay for a cats phsychological support or professional help
8 Aug 08
hahahahah ooopsy maybe i should have warned you to have sound turned down a little but that be no fun oh id have loved to have seen you when watched it, as yea its screams go right through you it is really sad when you see a cat like that.. but if you notice, it seems to be provoked by its name... thanks for watching and responding, have a nice weekend friend
@gwoman2 (711)
• United States
8 Aug 08
Hi Mandykaren, yea, that is one ticked off kitty...I have 4, yea, 4 and we also have a gigantic female Pit Bull...believe it or not one of my cats, Diva, always bullies her, for example...Karma, the Pit loves to be upstairs with my youngest but on her way up Diva will stand in her way with back arched and teeth like a vampire showing and Karma backs off and sits at the bottom of the steps till me or my oldest rescues her and actually escort her upstairs...funnieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Now we know that at any given time Karma can tired of her crap and could, God forbid, just chew her little head right off, ugh! For this reason Karma is never alone with all the cats, we're scared of what we may find if left alone! Animals are amazing all they really need is to be able to talk cause my cats and Karma too all have their own unique way of telling us stuff... Another funny one...yesterday my oldest came home and I had Karma at my house, well my daughter told her, "get your toy" and she started barking...this is unlike her, she will bark when someone is at the door or in our yard...(good watchdog) she continued to bark and I noticed that her basket of toys was on the coffee table, THAT WAS IT, she was telling us she didn't know where her toys were!! It really was amazing! I love all animals :-) Thanks for the video. ~G~
8 Aug 08
wow must be fun and games at your home by sounds of it, enjoyed reading that animals are amazing and all have their own unique ways and personality, you are right there.. i have persian cat.. i let her out the back as its enclosed, leaving the window open so can come in anytime. once it got closed and i hear her meowing hehe since then, if i pretend to close the window, she comes over (stool outside for her to get on, up to window as she cant jump high with her litle fat legs.. persian hehe) she puts her paws on window. so i open it and she runs off into garden, but keeps looking up at window for a while to make sure i do not close it animals remember things, including where toys normally are hahaha.. have a real nice weekend
@Elkeliini (265)
• Finland
8 Aug 08
wow that is an amazingly p1ssed off cat indeed. Poor thing though, getting stuck between the garagedoor. I would get euh.... upset too. I have heard my own cat making horrible noises when transported in a cathouse in the car. funny, he jumps into it though whenever I take it out. No need for any encouragements what so ever. He is like oh we go go, yes yes and I can come too hurray! and then once in the car he starts to whine. funny guy.
8 Aug 08
dont they make horrible noise if scared or upset.. i heard cats fighting outside and sounds horrible and scarey lol more scarey then dog.. as for this cat well if you listen, seems the people are provoking it with its name, i not sure.. but here its name and it screamed more.. mind you, i not suproised with a name like that lool do feel sorry for him/her though thanks for response... have nice weekend