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August 8, 2008 11:35am CST
How many of you have been seriously scammed? Check this out: Mind you this is a hypothetical situation: You are a married man with the responsibility of providing for your family. You have been to interview after interview after interview and nothing has happened. You are depressed, you feel lower than pond-scum. Your wife is not making it any better. She is threatening to divorce you and take the rugrats with her if you cannot find a job soon. And she is very understandably upset. Then you run across something on the Internet. You are an excellent writer and you know it, so this is right down your alley. "Submit your best essays, poems, articles, and you get paid cash for them. Get a paypal account and you can get paid as early as next week." So you do what is asked of you. One week goes by, then two weeks go money. Then at the end of the month, YOU are socked with a bill for the use of their site: Three hundred and fifty smackeronis, plus tax, plus 2 more ducats for every click you received. You are looking at at least 500 clicks, so that is $1, 000 more than you already owe. You tell your wife. It's the last straw, and she says, "See you in court!" Does this sound even remotely familiar--with the exception, perhaps, of the divorce scenario? I have some pleasant experiences with these sites., I think, keeps its word to its users. I have actually gotten paid by They get an A++ from me. I am new here at mylot. But let me hear some horror stories you might have of Internet sites that said they would pay you for your work, and, long story short, you ended up owing **them**.
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• Philippines
15 Aug 08
I haven't been scammed yet. I'm only searching for earning opportunities for just a month. All those gpt, pts sites are enticing. But there are scams. We always have to be careful in choosing the best sites. That's why I look for reviews and proofs of pay in money blogs and not just their words.