HE doesnt have TIME for ME.. HELP!!!

@xtiner (45)
August 8, 2008 12:38pm CST
My boyfriend doesn't have time for me... he is too busy with his studies and duties.. what should i do?? i really miss him so much.. huhu
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@ersmommy1 (12595)
• United States
8 Aug 08
Be patient. Studies are important. He may need to finish and get things done. That way after, he can have quality and quantity time with you. If you are patient, you may get rewarded. Just let him know you miss him. And that you appreciate how responsible he is being.
• United States
11 Aug 08
I believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe he is more into his studies and his future than worried about being in a relationship. Sometimes people are so busy with their own lives that they feel they have to be in a relationship because everyone is in one. You do need to talk to him and ask him what he wants and talk about what the both of you need from each other. It takes alot for two people to be happy in a relationship. Communication is the best way to resolve problems. Just remember everything happens for a reason!!!
@rocker21 (2717)
• India
12 Aug 08
aww thats really intolerable i know just give him time, if you dont support him then he might end up getting tensed, Give him a relax drive from your side, Let him know you are completely okay even if his works come first like studies and duties he'll come more closer. If you tell him that he has no time he'll surely feel that you also , dont understand him. Have paitence! If its intolerable and if he's been completely ignorant, then tell him that whatever he is doing is not fair enough for you!