Cell phones why must people drive in cars like they are glued to their heads?

@fury2525 (139)
United States
August 8, 2008 8:26pm CST
Whenever I am out driving it seems at least every other car has one, like it's a life or death thing to talk on? And lots of them are kids. My mom sees kids talking or texting on cell phones just to say hi, what are you doing? Gee must be nice to be rich enough to just throw away your parents money that you are wasting on useless conversation. We do have real phones that don't cost anything to call someone. I understand if one is used for a real emergency or like a car accident. But where I live seems most near accidents are caused by cell phone drivers who are not able to drive and pay attention at the same time. I don't and have never had a cell phone, my finacee and i if we did would only be used for emergencies but we have discussed other ways, walkie talkies or pagers. who wants a brain temor, raise your hand while you can, or gee didn't your brain tell you to do that? hmmmm People have become too spoiled by many of the so-called modern technologies, and i am not old. I love my microwave, my new flat screen tv...totally flat. But sheesh try and weene yourself off some of it. Nothing is worth your life or others. Lish in Ky.
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