Double Standard

@emmanola (482)
August 8, 2008 11:11pm CST
I often feel that double standard is applied in high places the world over. Big and influencial countries commit atrocities and get away with it whereas smaller or not so great nations are punished for their actions. Why are countries like the United States and China for instance always manage to get away with wrong doings. We all remember the inhuman way the "terror" prisoners are treated by the US. The country hasn't been sanction for this. What about the many atrocities China is commiting within and outside of china?
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• Malaysia
9 Aug 08
it happens everywhere in the world .. the people affected are crying out for help but it goes to deaf ears . my believe is that it is human nature. we have to break down to the core of the incident, firstly the country, the state, the town, the family and the individual first of all thee individual has to be human not ##. structure the family and on and on . only than do they start to value the lifes of others be a human and create a human