About Plants!!!

August 9, 2008 2:44am CST
Its a recall to refresh our mind.. # most plants have roots,stems and leaves #some plants have flowers and fruits #roots get water and food from the soil #the stem holds the leaves to sunlight #leaves make food for the plant #some flowers become fruit #fruits produce seeds #seeds grow into new plants We should plants trees and flowers, ca you do that? We should taake good care of plants, do you? Always remember that we can help save our world thruogh this and its starts from you!!!! thank you!!
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@icegermany (2524)
• India
9 Aug 08
its my hobby to plant, i like plants as it help me out relaxing n forget all my worries. at this point of time where the human needs r growing day by day with that technology is increasing, with that pollution is also increasing, with that global warming is taking place , with this kind of things happening is harming life on earth, n planting is the a small n simple step by all simple people living like us can take n help ourself preventing harm to our earth. planting does not cause u spending more money, its just a matter of our free time