Well today is early Saturday morning

United States
August 9, 2008 3:37am CST
This is how my week went with the kid. Monday he was a holy terrior. He would not listen worth nothing he just me to no end. Now Tuesday he just wanted everything his way. He didn't want they food his mother sent him to eat. He wanted what I was fixing for dinner, but of course I gave him some. Them he wanted Ice Cream and his mother said that he couldn't have any of that, because it makes him crazy. Then on Wednesday she works until 1:00am so he has to spend the night and he dosen't like that idea. I told him he had to go to bed at 11:oo o'clock, because my had to get up at 5:00am to go to work and start a new job for a lot more money. Well needless to say the child didn't let him get any sleep. When we all went to bed, He stayed up alnight talking and bugging the hell out of us all night. So my boyfriend was to tried to go to that job and he missed out on that job. On Thursday morning when she picked him up I told her about it. I told I can't put up this this. My boyfriend can't miss out on good paying jobs. When she brought him back that night at 5:00pm for me to watch, he wasn't a very happy camper. He said his mother gave to him good. Tonight is friday night and she droped him off at 5:00pm and he hasn't been to bad. I have only had to speak to him once. And He went to bed with no trouble and went to sleep. I will get him up at 6:00am for his mom to pick him up. I only have one more week of watching him then he is gone back to his father's.
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