August 9th, this day in history through the years

Nagasaki - 1945 - US bomb drops
United States
August 9, 2008 10:49am CST
1831- The first steam locomotive began its first trip between Schenectady and Albany, NY 1854- Henry Thoreau published "Walden" 1859- The escalator was patented by Nathan Ames 1902- Edward VII was crowned king of England after the death of Queen Victoria 1945- The United States exploded a nuclear bomb over Nagasaki, Japan, killing an estimated 74,000 people. Also The first network television broadcast occurred in Washington DC announcing the bombing 1974- Gerald R. Ford was sworn in as the 38th president of the United States 1995- Jerry Garcia, lead singer and guitarist of the Grateful Dead, died 2001- George W. Bush approved federal funding for existing lines of stem cells I hope you enjoyed my overview of history, happy mylotting everyone and stay tuned for more!
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• Lubbock, Texas
9 Aug 08
Very interesting sugarplum. I didn't realize the first network TV broadcast occurred to announce the bombing of Nagasaki.