a dream is true??

August 9, 2008 1:09pm CST
why some events are happen in reality bcos of ream?? and y some ream can be true?? is it a phenomenom?? or just a emotional only???
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• United States
9 Aug 08
Who knows, our unconscious is very mysterious in it's ways. But most of our sleeping prophecies come true because your daily life has probably shown hints and clues as to what will happen in the future. Like for example, a country is bickering and arguing lately, you sleep and dream of the worst, a war, and then it happens in real life within months, but the reality is your mind was just using logic and had a fear of the worst. I don't know, I think maybe prophesies can be true, though many prophesies are just based off of what is obviously and inevitably in the future.
• Philippines
9 Aug 08
so in scientific dexplanation, what would you conclude about that?