does this sound right

August 9, 2008 1:59pm CST
My husband is a chef and him and his GM do not get along. They got into an argument on Friday and she claims he cursed at her so she called someone who is not the district manager and had him suspend my husband. He said he would either hear from him or HR on Monday and we was suspended while they investigated. Now, he is good at his job, he just got audited and they got double gold stars, also before he came in, they were 12000 over budget every year and he has them 8000 under budget, so he does a great job with his work, but can not get along with this manager. He has never been written up before, so does it sound like he will get fired for what will be a he said she said allegation of cursing? and does someone who is not a boss over him have the right to suspend him? i am a teacher, so I dont know how much of this works. not to mention, if this guy did not have the right to suspend him, does he file a complaint about that?
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