What do you prefer good organization or self-employed ?

August 9, 2008 2:40pm CST
Now a days people think of working for themselves and self-employment is good option for them. what do you prefer a job in good organization or self employed ? please give reasons.
3 responses
@mtsandeep (1586)
• India
15 Aug 08
If we want to earn lot of money, starting our own business will be the best option. But inorder to start our own business we need some experience with the current structure and environment of the business. SO i prefer working with an organisation first. After getting atleast 5 years experience with an existing company AND the prevailing business structure , i will consider starting my own company.
@williamjisir (22900)
• China
10 Aug 08
Hello dear smartbrain. Before I have enough financial aid for self-employed, I think that it is better for me to be engaged in a good organization.
@Humbug25 (12551)
9 Aug 08
Hi there smartbrain69 I would love to start my own business and earn lots of money for myself but as I hve 3 kids I think that it would be a risk I would rather not take and would be quite happy working 9 - 5, 5 days a weeks knowing that a wage will coming to me at the end of the week or month and leaving all the stresses of owning a business to someone else!!