Far Left Feild

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United States
August 9, 2008 6:58pm CST
There have been some pretty funny things out there in the land of high speed internet and i was just wondering if you have come across something that is just so far out there that it makes you laugh. i remember watching something on youtube that refers to McCain as the antichrist. I thought it was so funny. it goes on to explain why they think McCain is. some of the reasons include him wearing a tie and that hilter wore a tie. It says that is name is the number of the beast and that Cain from the bible is influencing him. see things like that are WAY left feild but entertaining. so have you come across anything like that. so far off the point that it is just down right funny. See with this clip from youtube the guy who made it was dead serious and claims we will all go to hell if he is elected. what a trip- lol. i was also watching something about someone who could play the piano off 2 telephones. now why would someone waist their time learning how to do that? I need a good laugh and was just wondering if anyone has seen or heard anything that is just Far Out in Left Field.
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