Is it possible to create a "Bug/Insect Tracker" to see if you have any at home?

United States
August 9, 2008 11:21pm CST
I know this may sound a little...err... far-fetched.. I guess? But I was thinking, what if there were a device that acted as a scanner for bugs/insects in your house, like to tell you if you had any or not? Kind of like that scanner device in "Aliens". It would be something like that. It will scan where you point it and can see through walls, furniture, the whole works. I'm not sure how the technical aspects could work exactly, but I was thinking that Insect DNA may be a key to creating it. For instance a fly's DNA from a lab could somehow be included in the device and a computer scans it and searches for any living organism in your house with that particular DNA. They could have bug scanners/trackers for flies only, cockroaches only, or a roach/ant combo, or variety pack. Think of the possibilities. I think with one of those, people would be able to sleep at night. How else could something like this be programmed you think?
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• United States
10 Aug 08
What an imagination you have, and an imagination against bugs, that's right up my alley!! I am sure with time they might come up with something like that but in this generation probably not. Although you never know the gov't could have this type of technology right now but they won't let us know about it until years and years from now. The only ultrasonic device that I can think of that is on the market is something I saw an informmercial for the other day. It's this device that plugs into your outlet and it emits this tone through the outlet and into your walls that the bugs do not like. When they hear it they leave your house and head away from the sound. I was skeptical at first but my cousin in Texas had really bad spider and cochroach problems and he used something like these and his problem was solved! His roach and spider problem improved greatly and he hardly seems them anymore. I am planning on purchasing my first new home in the upcoming months and you better believe I'm going to have one of these in every single outlet! LOL
@jatamogue (367)
• Philippines
10 Aug 08
WWWWWWOOOOOOOoooooooowwwwwWWWWW!!! That is one of the most spectcular inventions ever. If you could invent such a thing that would be one of the best security systems invented. For now the only idea that comes to mind is thermal scanning for heat signitures or motion sensors. Or wire your whole place with cameras. In the olden times they use traps to lure pests out. You must really hate bugs soo much?