do you believe dreams can come true?

August 10, 2008 2:21am CST
what do you think? in my opinion, yes it will come true if you work hard for it..
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@LOULOU323 (214)
11 Aug 08
hi the dreams are dreams and the reality is the reality,and I am sure that if you work hard on them both them the reality will become good.The dreams are a fantasy,and maybe yes it would be great for the fantasies become reality,but the likeyhood of this happening is slight,so concentrate in the here and now and just enjoy it
• Philippines
10 Aug 08
Yes i do also believe that dreams do come true, but not all can achieve their dreams, unless they will work hard for it or they are lucky to have it!
• Malaysia
10 Aug 08
All dreams will come true but it depend oneself. Now, my dream is still a dream because I am not finish my study yet. This end of december I will have a vital exam which determine my future. I want to be a pilot! that is my dream.
• India
10 Aug 08
Dreams,some people say they are just a medical thing some say they never come true as according to them dreams are just those things which you will never get in life.But as far as I am concerned Dreams is just an indication or blue print of the things you are going to do in future. Do take some dreams seriously.As those who dream will achieve success.All the famous personalities had some dreams in their minds and they toiled hard to achieve it as success doesn't have any shortcuts.Thats why you should dream to fulfill your dreams rather than saying they don't come true.
@lixiaos77 (1030)
• Shijiazhuang, China
10 Aug 08
It depends if your dream realistic. You should have abmition, strong will, gift and good education background. What is more, opportunity is also very important. There are always obstacles and take it easy, just do good preparetion and make up you mind, march for you dream.