Looking for a movie..

@NrgDfenZ (1810)
August 10, 2008 4:45am CST
Hi all I am bored at the moment, and was wondering if you know a good movie I could watch ? ^^ It doesn't matter what kind of movie it is, just as long as it is good.. Thx
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@mrack001 (10)
• India
10 Aug 08
i wud recommend a "gone baby gone" totally good movie ...gud suspense,gud acting, even better direction (ben affleck).....hey have u seen Tropa De Elite its a brazilian movie....Awh man total kick a$$ movie if u liked city of god u will love elite squad....if u hvnt seen city of god...catch it at once...
@_Robert_ (54)
10 Aug 08
I would recommend Felon 2008 Val Kilmer and Stephen Dorph, it is very new so I'm not sure if it would be out in Belgium yet. If not go watch it when it hits your local cinemas Thanks for reading Rob:)
@se7enthbird (8322)
• Philippines
10 Aug 08
i always recomend THE MAN when someone ask me for a good movie. it is a comedy action movies stars samuel jackson and eugene levy. this movie is very enjoyable to watch. i also can recomend lier lier. if you like action you can watch true lies and air force one. this are my all time favorites. hope you can try one of this movies and to ge rid of your bordom.
@dropofrain (1168)
• India
10 Aug 08
There are a lot of nice movies to watch at any point of time. You can also choose from some old classics that are all time favourite. You can also go and watch theatre if you like. Along with that you can always go in for some movies which are going on the television all day all night.
@leeloo (1492)
• Portugal
10 Aug 08
Well it depends on what you are in the mood for something new and fresh or something older. Comedy or serious. If you want mind numbing entertainment there is always Hancock entertaining and if you enjoy these films not brilliant but watch able. For horror 30 days of night is scary. I thought Disturbia and Little Miss Sunshine were pretty cool. There is always the older films Mr and Mrs Smith, I enjoy the banter it is similar to the Undercover Blues for comedies or Notting Hill and the classics like The Usual Suspects, The Godfathers, The Star Wars. I also really enjoyed Mediterraneo, Querido Diario and La Vita รจ bella all Italian, and I enjoy Louis Garrel's work Les Chansons d'amour is the last one I saw it is a sad musical. I found Mortinho por chegar a casa interesting though over 10 years old. Imdb is always a good source of material for ideas.
@James72 (26829)
• Australia
10 Aug 08
Depends on your tastes I guess! If you like epic type movies then I would watch "King Arthur" or "Kingdom of Heaven". If it is a drama to make you think that you might be in the mood for then I really enjoyed "American Beauty". The latest movies I have seen that I found really enjoyable were "Iron Man", "Never Back Down" and "Wanted". All three of them were very entertaining and sometimes you just want to watch a movie for the entertainment factor without having to think too much! And one of my favourites because of the cinematography and story line is also "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"; but if you aren't into subtitles then I would avoid this one! (The English voice over version of this movie just doesn't tell the storyline as well as the subtitled version)