Human Cryogenics is Freezing the Body for Future Thawing. Your Take On This?

@Jenaisle (4139)
August 10, 2008 12:12pm CST
Scientists and persons in different related fields are looking into the possibility of freezing a body to preserve it and then thawing it in the future to revive it again for treatment. This procedure is supposed to be used by people who have an incurable disease now, and allowing their body to be in a state of suspended animation and then later be revived when a cure for the disease has been discovered. Scientists however are still in the process of discovering how to "freeze" the body without forming ice crystals.(the crystals would rupture red blood cells and cause internal hemolysis which can lead to death). A new technology is being discovered wherein they apply slow supercooling to avoid ice crytals formation. But it has still a long way to go as they have to test it extensively on mice or like animals. Perhaps,this technology won't be available for us in this century but rather in the next one. What are your thoughts on this?
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