Does playing World of Warcraft make you a nerd?

United States
August 10, 2008 5:37pm CST
I play the game, and everyone I talk to about the game who doesn't play it has their mind set on that only nerds play it. I mean are we not allowed to play a computer game without being titled, NERD! I have a job, go to school, have REAL friends, play sports. When I bring this topic up with someone they say this, "My friend played it and did nothing but play that game for months, lost their jobs, girlfriend, and almost lost their house." I agree that person is a nerd, but does that make everyone who plays it one? What's your opinion?
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@almae01 (112)
• Spain
14 Aug 08
Hello, I really like WOW and i still have my life, and do many things, there are some players out there that get too obsessed with games, and give a bad reputation to the rest. Dont listen to people that call you names for doing something you enjoy!
9 Oct 08
I couldn't agree more Almae, As I market my WarCraft fansite, I am forever surprised at the hate that is directed towards us. When a person takes the time to put up a MySpace or Facebook page that espouses hatred of WoW players, I find it ironic. Which do you think is more social, Here is a person by him or herself, taking time to put up a page that maybe 2 or 3 people will see. No how does that compare to a person who spends their time playing a fun game with people from around the world. In my mind there is no comparison. Stop hating and start playing you might have some fun!
@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
12 Oct 08
Well, I guess they're just jealous that we play the best online game there is. Also, I have a life too. I'm not eligible to bear the "sword of a thousand truths" LMAO!
@dagda24 (367)
13 Aug 08
Some people do get a little to in to it, and they're just silly. As long as you recognise it's a game and a bit of fun it's fine. Everyone has their own hobbies that they enjoy and computer games are a lot more mainstream these days. i play WoW and met a couple who play on their together. They have 2 or three young children so don't have much time or money to go out together. So when the kids are in bed they play WoW together instead. I thought that was really sweet and a good example of how gaming is a lot more sociable these days. It used to be that if you were a gamer you were locked in a room on your own but with the massive multiplayers that are around these days it's a much more sociable pastime. I know people that have made a lot of friends from all over the world through warcraft, that they would never have gotten to know otherwise.
• United States
12 Aug 08
Not a nerd, but a geek. I hate how people still think they are both the same. If you like playing video games, reading comic books, whatever, and still have tons of friends, you are a geek. A nerd is completely different, you should look it up. Being a geek is fine, and if you play WoW, you are a geek. :P
• Sweden
10 Aug 08
I hear that i am a nerd from people who have like 2 lvl 70's and im only lvl 46 :S I think trhat they should take a look at themselfs and understand that they are as much nerdy as i am